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I Break Horses by James Shedden
I Break Horses by James Shedden.

Hearts is the wonderful debut album from I Break Horses, see otherwise known as Maria Linden and partner Fredrik Balck. They have been compared to both Cocteau Twins and Slowdive, view but I Break Horses are so much more than a paen to shoegaze.

Hearts opens with the gradually building beats of the atmospheric new single Winter Beats but it was to second track Hearts that my heart was first lost. Despite the inherently scuzzy reverb of this tune the busy backdrop is rendered utterly entrancing by Maria’s hypnotic vocals.

I Break Horses by Laura Frame
I Break Horses by Laura Frame.

I Break Horses Hearts Maria Linden 2
I Break Horses by Rebecca Elves.

Wired pulses with a dreamy optimism that gradually disintegrates into an unexpected off key and there is another quiet opening for the softly softly approach of I Kill Love, Baby! Pulse aims confidently for the heart, engulfing in lush melody.

I Break Horses Hearts Maria Linden 2
I Break Horses by Ankolie
I Break Horses by Ankolie.

The gothic intensity of Cancer is carried throughout by chiming keys whilst Load Your Eyes favours skewed drifts of sounds and Empty Bottles swells with lush arrangement and layered vocals that gradually build in intensity. No Way Outro returns to an almost religious fervour, rattling drumbeats crescendo-ing before fading out to end.

I Break Horses Hearts Maria Linden
I Break Horses by Samantha Eynon
I Break Horses by Samantha Eynon.

It’s hard to break this album apart because it works so well listened to as a whole, each song playing against the previous and the next. I fervently recommend Hearts as your new soundtrack to love. Just gorgeous: out now on Bella Union.

Winter Beats

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