Amelia’s Magazine | An animated video from Co-Pilgrim: Pushover

Co-pilgrim videostill-nail hammer
The new Co-Pilgrim animated video for Pushover was made by Claire Bennett (who sings in Co-pilgrim) & Suzy Brough. This is the same team who made the Fairer Sea video, using single-frame animation with images composited from drawings and photographs. Mike’s coonskin coat and straw boater style was a popular fad in 1920s American Ivy League college students who would line up to cheer on their ‘football’ team (Claire is American). Watch the video below.

Co-pilgrim videostill-nail hammer
Co-pilgrim videostill-let's hear it for misery
Co-pilgrim videostill-filling lungs
Co-pilgrim videostill-beat
Pushover is featured on the new Co-Pilgrim album Plumes, which is out now on Battle. Writing by front man Michael Gale will be featured in my 10th anniversary book, available here.

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