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Arthur Rigby and the Baskervylles introduce the new single and video for Moonlit Strangers

The beautifully shot video for Moonlit Strangers features a snorting horse, eery coloured smoke and lovelorn children.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles by Rachel Morris

Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles by Rachel Morris*

Leeds based Chamber Pop band Arthur Rigby & the Baskervylles release new track Moonlit Strangers with an accompanying video. Lush orchestration and multi-layered vocals tell a tale of loneliness and heartbreak like no other. Ben from the band tells us more…

The lyrics for the song:
I have had the idea kicking around for a while. A house in the middle of a landscape in which a lady lives alone, wishing but not expecting anyone to visit her – then, on a wild night!, her ‘true love’ arrives out of nowhere. There is a certain Bronte-ness about it. I thought about who would have a lonely life in the middle of nowhere and why they were there and decided that a gatehouse on a lock would work nicely especially as it would bring water imagery to the lyrics … which I am fond of! I tend to build up huge stories about each of my songs … I like the idea that each person who listens to it could make up their own scenarios or storylines … but this wouldn’t be aided by watching the video!

The making of the new video:
We had a shoe string budget and lots of ideas! We decided we really didn’t want a performance video and we didn’t want it to the exact story of the lyrics. So I sat down with Josh, the fantastic director/ all in one team for the video, and he suggested that a child’s view of love between adults is disneyfied and ‘at first sight’ so could create the strangers in love idea. We worked with a local Kids’ theatre school and casting agency who put us in touch with our wonderful stars, George and Harriet, and we filmed it at two locations, on one cold October’s day! The basic idea was that George would see Harriet in a walled garden (the amazing Poulton Hall on the Wirral), whilst playing around, and that night, the statue in the garden came to life and brought the 2 of them together in his dreams. But he can never quite reach her.

Arthur Rigby

Arthur Rigby & the Baskervylles celebrate the release of Moonlit Strangers at The Slaughtered Lamb in London on 19th February.

* Rachel Morris writes a short bit about the inspiration behind the illustration: There’s a strong narrative quality to the song. The two figures, based on 19th Century flatback pottery, hint at legends and folk tales. The watery background reflects the undulating form of the music & the content of the lyrics.


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