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Punk, Smash'N'Grab

Written by Sinead Mills

Chromeo, purchase hospital for those who aren’t familliar are Montreal’s most polished funk music Arab/Jew duo who last Thursday treated unsuspecting London scenesters to a secret gig at the Queens of Noize’s night Smash ‘N’ Grab. An evening notorious for the spinning of 70s and 80s classics to young Londoner whos love to be seen loving at the moment. Pee Thug and Dave 1′s sensual 80s sex music shimmied in perfectly.

Coming to the stage in a Zeus-like manner, about it Pee took to the talkbox as Dave mounted his guitar and smoothed through with the their hit NEEDY GIRL which instantly separated old skool fans from those there waiting to recognise BONAFIED LOVIN after last weeks Radio1 rotation.

Crowd pleasers included TENDERONI, website a heavily laden synth-y, drum tune, pushing even the coolest cocktail socialites to nod their heads. My personal favourite was MOMMA’S BOY, a song told by the Jew-boy about his relationship with his momma – with witty lyrics and more sensual synths that had me front and centre shaking my thang.

As expected, BONAFIDE LOVIN hit the spot with the guys from Coconut Twins, Tape Deck, Miss Kelly Osbourne, Noel Fielding and Queens of Noize dancing it up on the couches, like fairy godmothers of cool waving wands of approval over an act who rocked out completely at this intimate showcase of what dance music should be sounding like.

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