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In The Seine is the second single from Year Of The Flesh by Dad Rocks!, the ambitious sequel to debut album Mount Modern. The album is based on Snævar Njáll Albertsson‘s interest in file-sharing and copyright issues, a subject on which he recently completed a university thesis.

Disaster struck during the video shoot for In The Seine but Dad Rocks! fans were quick to get behind a Kickstarter campaign to enable a reshoot in the freezing sea, and the video was finished. Snævar recalls…

This video had an eventful journey into the world! It was being shot in France, with an actor being filmed in the sea, in February. It went well, but on the last day there was very bad weather, and all the footage was lost… we launched a crowdfunding campaign for one extra day of shooting, and our community donated more than what we needed during just the first 24 hours. It’s quite incredible how much a loyal fanbase believes in you. I was humbled.

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DAD ROCKS on tour with MIMAS:

16.10.2014 – UK – London – The Lexington
17.10.2014 – UK – Newport – Le Pub
18.10.2014 – UK – Leicester – Firebug
19.10.2014 – UK – Manchester – A Carefully Planned Festival #4
20.10.2014 – UK – Glasgow – Broadcast
22.10.2014 – UK – Leeds – Trinity Church
23.10.2014 – UK – Norwich – Norwich Arts Centre
24.10.2014 – UK – Brighton – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

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