Amelia’s Magazine | Gabby Young introduces the video for new single I’ve Improved

Gabby Young by Emma Farrarons

Gabby Young by Emma Farrarons.

Gabby Young and Other Animals have announced their return this April with a brand new album, the third from the acclaimed North London songstress. One Foot In Front Of The Other is Gabby’s most personal collection of songs to date, yet still retains the lush big band instrumentation for which she is known, with polished production by fellow Animal and partner, Stephen Ellis. Here Gabby exclusively introduces the new video for the first single from the album, I’ve Improved, which is a jaunty upbeat affair that was inspired by a trip to the Middle East.

Gabby Young-Ive-Improved cover art

For the first time ever I actually had very little to do with the concept of this video… I just left it in the very safe hands of my old school friend’s company – Lovelove Films – who did our stunning video for In Your Head in 2012. I am so astounded by how well Lovelove put together this video: I gave them an almost impossible task of coming up with a video along the theme of ‘paper world’ in 3 weeks and they came through with not only flying colours but a stunning video! Right from day one I they were sending me amazing concepts and treatments which I loved then before we knew it the band was filming in the studio which was the most fun I have had on any shoot. Just over a week later they have delivered an original, exciting and completely ‘on brand’ video that I can’t wait to show the world. Thank you Lovelove – you’ve done it again… I can’t wait for the next time now!

Gabby Young with candles

As for the actual song – every one of my songs is written differently – some come to me, others have to be written and this track was born out of necessity! I was working on all my songs and ideas for album 3 and realised I had focused too much on the shade and wanted to have lots of light in my album to make people feel good about life, dance and escape so I when driving along I tried to write an upbeat song, which very rarely works, in fact I hate TRYING to write songs but time was against me! So I just pressed record on my phone (in the safest way possible in a car!) and started singing the chorus – it instantly came to me and then the verse tumbled out – it was a complete song by the end of my short journey. When I returned home I ran into the house, grabbed my guitar and found out I had written another 2 chord song which I have done a few of in my time but I couldn’t help but develop a soft spot for this simple, fun ditty and decided that I found my light to all the shade and here is a bonafide album track ready to go! As for the lyrics – I had just been on tour in the Middle East, which I loved and where I learnt so much, so I knew I wanted to sing about how I was improving my world knowledge and how I have been a little sheltered and it’s time to wake up and notice the world around me.

Gabby Young

Gabby Young - One foot in front of the other

I’ve Improved and the album One Foot In Front Of The Other are both released in April on Gift of the Gab Records.

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