Amelia’s Magazine | Ladyhawke – Ladyhawke

There are two Ladyhawk(e)s. Ladyhawke is Pip Brown- a girl with a very good fringe, signed to Island Records. The other Ladyhawk is a Canadian Indie band signed to Jagjaguwar. I know which one I’d rather go on holidays with.

A thumping bass beat laced with a drum machine high-hat on the opening track- ‘Magic’- sets the scene, the rules and the dress code. Simultaneously trashy and wonderful, Ladyhawke holds court in an underground nightclub, where all the drinks have cocktail umbrellas in them, and nobody’s been to bed for three days. Tracks like ‘Professional Suicide’ offer a master-class in how to write music for a bonding montage in a John Hughes movie, while current single ‘Dusk ‘til Dawn’ sounds like a Natasha Khan at the village disco, complete with swirling lights and synchronised handclaps.

‘Ladyhawke’ is firmly rooted in Kim Wilde territory, and knowingly so. Brown’s aim for the record was to ‘write songs that could make people feel nostalgic even though they were hearing them for the first time’. In this she succeeds- ‘Another Runaway’ could be a Fleetwood Mac B-side, or a solo Stevie Nicks offcut. The synth-based instrumentation nods a head to the era evoked, but stylized production keeps the record on the right side of homage. At just under 50 minutes, the record leaves the listener with a new-wave pop high, with none of the comedown and all of the fun.

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