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Written by Charles Drakeford


The Bloomberg space trumpets itself as a ‘space without an agenda’, cialis 40mg troche a ridiculous statement for any space, information pills privately or publicly funded, to make- but especially for one as slickly corporate as this. And it belies the fact that space’s ‘agenda’ provides context for exhibitions to play off. For example, the title of this show has a whole different spin given the current economic troubles even financial powerhouse Bloomberg is facing. ‘On the rocks’ was also the title of an early work by sculptor Bill Woodrow that a little too obviously included a slice of wrecked ship. The latest incarnation of this title is a collaboration between Woodrow and fellow sculptor Richard Deacon, the third shared body of work they have exhibited.

The first room is filled with five of seven pieces made entirely of glass, named after days of the week; the remainder spill over into the atrium area. Above and below clear glass sheets are three elements in different combinations forming ‘coffee table’ assemblages; angular slabs of opaque black, greyish blobs suckled inside clear bubbles and pale pistachio coloured mammoths (which just manage to escape looking like trinkets or executive toys). A narrative is hinted at, with the mammoths being followed by the black slab and disappearing on Thursday, as the blobs increase in number and take over the top of the ‘table’.


The decision to have two of the ‘tables’ in the adjoining atrium area is baffling, breaking up conversation between the individual components and creating a bottleneck in the linking doorway. The forced and unsubtle ‘days of the week’ titling infantilises the piece. However there is an enjoyable exploration of glass as a material going on, from the rough fur of the mammoths to the gorgeously lustrous yet sinister gleam of the black slabs.

The more beguiling second half of the show, the ‘Bouteilles de Sorcière’ (Sorcerer’s bottles) series, is spread surreptitiously around the main atrium. Within glass boxes are nine twisted mirror-silver bottles, jammed with red dripping wax seals and hand-shaped stoppers. Inspired by silver bottles from the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, the bottles were unexpectedly magical and totemic; the glass cases allude to fire-axes or other for-use-in-emergency items. Although the bottles are decidedly more troubling and witchy than a standard issue fire-blanket.

They are mesmeric to look at; eye and brain struggle to see what is there (two layers, a sliver tube and glass which sometimes merge) versus what they want to see (an entirely silver tube). A fight between knowledge and perception ensues and very real kind of magic is unleashed.

Woodrow and Deacon’s working relationship is far from rocky. The merger between the two is so smooth, it is difficult (and ultimately a mere distraction) to play ‘spot the artist’ and see where each of them has contributed. The sum of combined efforts here is richer than each artist’s individual practice. Although patchy, when at its best, this shared work is unsettling and exciting in its exploration of glass as a medium.

Last night we rocked up to Proud Galleries in Camden to see what the ‘Pure Emotion’ Exhibition was all about. Arriving there a tad late we were at first shakily pushed aside by a rather daunting looking security woman. However, pharmacy finally after a bit of banter we were let in to a crowded room full of arty media types.

Previews for the press are usually drunken affairs, with more focus on the free booze than the art. This was no exception as Finlandia Vodka has sponsored this exhibition. I could not help but illicit a chuckle when the invite promoted the ‘finest Finlandia cocktails’ then added at the end ‘Keep your judgement pure. Drink responsibly’(a company who has a conscience? Really?!)

The range of photography itself focussed on everyday encounters where emotions ranged from the banal to the raw. A mix of the extraordinary and everyday gave the collection a varied feel as contributors came from diverse backgrounds. Although the exhibition isn’t groundbreaking in any way, it does allow a good wonder round. It feels like you’re flicking though familiar photo album with eclectic images capturing elation, sadness, confusion and all the other idiosyncratic emotions of life. So if you’re in the Camden area and have a spare half hour, why not check it out? At least you’ll be free from the drunken media types!







Wednesday 10th September

Das Wanderlust – The Joiners, information pills Southampton
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – The Freebutt, diagnosis Brighton
Project Komakino and No Bra – The Macbeth, London
Crystal Castles – Thekla Social, Bristol
The Dodos – Bar Academy, Birmingham
Wire – The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

Thursday 11th September

Stevie Wonder – O2 Arena, London
Bon Iver and Bowerbirds – Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London
Cats In Paris, Theo, Joy Of Sex and Songs From The Shows – The Good Ship, London
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Mike and Kennedy – Cargo, London
Ratty Rat Rat, Central Station & Yales – Wrexam
S.C.U.M, Spectrometers, Kasms, The Sticks and An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump – A Crisis In Taste at Shoreditch Church, London
The Chap, Rosie Oddie and The Odd Squad and Judi Chicago – Puregroove at Macbeth, London

Friday 12th September

ddd, Battant and The Spectrometers – Decasia Club at Whitechapel Gallery, London
Deerhunter, Seabear and Starving Weirdos – Dome London
Errors – Doghouse, Dundee

Metronomy – Rough Trade East, London

Their new album ‘Nights Out’ is sure to win them some new fans, even if it might leave some of their old fans a little disheartened. I think they’re still on form though, and it’s worth seeing them live just for the dance moves involving IKEA lights.

Pete and The Pirates and The All New Adventures Of Us – The Monarch, London
Sergeant and Attic Lights – Koko, London

Saturday 13th September

Die! Die! Die! and Heartbreak – Proud Galleries, London
Five O’Clock Heroes and The Tawdry Affair – Astoria 2, London
Lesser Panda and The New Devices – The Last Days Of Decadence, London
SHOREDITCH SHUFFLE: Polka Party, Model Horror Marvin the Martian, The Clik Clik and more – Various Venues, Shoreditch, London

Gig of the week

Vincent Vincent and The Villains, Rob Skipper, The Brute Chorus, Captain Black and Sam McMarthy – 93 Feet East, London

Vincent and those villains are good, but the real draw should be The Brute Chorus. After seeing them not long ago I think it’s fair to say i’ve never seen a band so raucous.

We Smoke Fags – Nambucca, London

Sunday 14th September

SHOREDITCH SHUFFLE: Little Man Tate, Five O’Clock Heroes, Thomas Tantrum, Kid Carpet and more
Shearwater – Carling Academy, Glasgow
Sophie Ellis Bextor, Emmy The Great, FrYars and Melodica, Melody and Me – Lyric Hammersmith, London
Gotye – Cockpit, Leads

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