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Your Twenties – An Interview

Brick Lane, London

Written by Katie Weatherall


Putting the words Sustainable Fashion together can appear to produce an oxymoron, malady doctor how can an industry synonymous with the fast free consumerism mimicked in high fashion magazines pages that helped herald the economic crash become sustainable? Its very structure relies on the twin polluters of shipping and flying to deliver clothes across the world. Furthermore, tadalafil how can fashion be sustainable considering the volume of water and cotton required to make a single t-shirt, buy information pills a subject Amelia's Magazine broached when reporting on the London School of Fashion Centre for Sustainability competition. Whilst the majority of the fashion industry has a long way to go with regards to production being ethically and… read more

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Climate Camp does Glastonbury

Glastonbury Festival, June 2009

Written by Amelia

Undercover: Lingerie Exhibition at the Fashion and Textiles Museum “Welcome to Limehouse.” With those words, about it Jarvis Cocker set off on the latest instalment of his 30 year musical […]