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Is the beauty industry moving towards a more earth friendly narrative?

Caring for the planet or yet more Green Capitalism? We investigate Natural, Organic and Ethical Beauty.

Written by Sarah Critchley

ethicalbeauty_aniela murphy
ethical beauty by sandra contreras
Illustration by Sandra Contreras

The beauty industry changes as fast as the fashion industry, store constantly updating in line with the latest trends. Fashion has taken an organic and earth friendly approach for some time now, best epitomised in high profile clothing brands such as People Tree. Now earth-friendly beauty products are burgeoning too. Words such as Ethical, Natural and Organic have become common when it comes to the latest beauty products, but what do these actually mean, and is there a difference between them? If a product is ethical do we somehow think it is natural as well? If something is natural must it also be organic? I’ll now take you through an explanation of these expressions and what they can mean for your skin, and the planet.??

Ethical means being conscious of the efforts and conditions under which products are produced. It is often linked with Community Trade Programs such as Fair Trade. A good example of… read more

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Victoria and Albert Museum, Tuesday 27th October

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Friday 20th – Saturday 21st November 2009, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

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Dairy Milk Gets A Conscience

Cadbury's, Fairtrade

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Fair Trade Fortnight

Fair Trade, London, Britain, 22nd February - 11th March

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