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Katherine Eves has Been Thinking Of You – Sewing Circle

Artist Katherine Eves has been working on a participation project centered around sewing. Here she tells you lucky folks about how to take part!

Written by Katherine Eves

SewingAll photographs and images Courtesy of Katherine Eves

The sewing circle will take place on the 13th January 2010.
Some sewing must take place between the hours of 12 noon and 12 midnight.
However, healing this does not mean you must spend 12 hours sewing! No, doctor no, viagra order no it just means you must do a bit of sewing during that time for your piece to be counted as being part of the Sewing Circle. You can start early (in fact I recommend this) so that you’ll have enough time to enjoy the process. Frantic sewing is not fun – it’s painful for your fingers.

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