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Iron and Wine: Kiss Each Other Clean – Album review

The fourth studio album inspired by memories of Sam Beam's parental record collection from the 70s...

Written by Rob Harris

Vrooosh and we’re in. After a National Express journey from Bristol at 4.10pm we arrived immersed in the mighty traffic of London. From twit updates, viagra 60mg I was aware that the Amelia's Magazine London team had spent the morning working hard whilst we'd been at work.

 Gareth A Hopkins Mattt Bramford

The lovely Matt Bramford, this site Amelia's Fashion Editor working hard with a smile. Illustration by Gareth A Hopkins

Getting off the beloved bus, buy information pills we tubed to Bethnal Green Road, missing our bikes with all our hearts after we discovered we had got off at the wrong tube stop and had to walk the length of the road. When we got to 110 -ish I put on my heels and immediately inflicted a new set speed of slow on us. Then after apparently vacantly walking past the venue, we about turned… read more

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Clogs – The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton – Album Review

A delicate and finely-crafted fourth album of intellectual folk, with guest appearances from some of the current darlings of the indie world

Written by Ian Steadman

Perhaps the most apt album title of the year so far, sickness The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton is the fifth album from the classically-bent folk group known […]

MuseeMirrors (photo by Laura D'Art)

Musée Mécanique – Hold This Ghost – Album Review

Musée Mécanique, master the art of transporting your mind to your most surreal and lasting dreams

Written by Nina Joyce

Nobrow No.1 Gods & Monsters Nobrow No.1 Gods & Monsters Last year Nobrow Press caught my attention with their first book, approved Gods & Monsters, a beautiful limited edition affair […]

owen pallett

Owen Pallett – Heartlands – Album Review

Owen Pallett Shrugs Off His Final Fantasy Moniker, But Still Manages To Deliver His Most Opulent Record Yet

Written by Katherine Rodgers

When Owen Pallett, approved the man behind the erstwhile Final Fantasy moniker, announced in December 2009 that he was abandoning the name in favour of recording under his birth name, […]

Music Listings: 7th – 13th September

Written by Katie Weatherall

Graham Carter’s joyful prints reference many of the most loved images in modern culture: the characters from Star Wars or the eerie but manageable magic of Spirited Away. The artistic […]


Christmas Singles

Written by Prudence Ivey

Pop-Up Shop 14 Bacon Street, erectile E1 6LF, page 11th-18th December The pop-up shop does what it says on the tin, buy appears in a different location for a limited […]