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Those Dancing Days/ Lykke Li

Those Dancing Days, Goldmith's Union, 24th November, Lykke Li, Koko, 28th November

Written by Prudence Ivey


Wondering how to beat the winter blues, website like this website I decided to get inspiration from some people who have experienced far colder weather and darker skies than anything London could hit me with, in a week bookended with gigs from Swedish girls. First up, Those Dancing Days on Monday whose perky but heartfelt 60s inspired sounds just about counter-balanced the fact that they only came on stage at 11.45, marooning me in icy New Cross way past my bedtime and the last train. They certainly have the tunes and the skills live, with a tight and skilled set, full of winsome glances at the crowd but little other interaction. Singer Linnea Jonsson looked like she was already bored with singing the same old songs night after night, not good news for such a relatively new band, although they treated us to a stormingly energetic encore of ‘Those Dancing Days'. The dominance of American Apparel regalia on stage was also a little disconcerting – do they sponsor these guys or something?

Less orthodoxly kitted out was Lykke Li on Friday, wearing a massive black sequinned bomber jacket/cardigan which sparkled all over the Koko stage as she treated us to her Run D.M.C. meets… read more

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Written by Prudence Ivey

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