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Latitude Festival 2010: Sunday Evening Quidams Review

A review of a magical Sunday evening spent watching Quidams perform at, and around, The Waterfront Stage.

Written by Sophie Parker and Daniel Sims

02 People In The Hole

Amelia's Magazine took a trip to see the Royal Collage of Art's SHOW TWO at Kensington Gore...

The RCA's MA Innovative Design Engineering - a double masters with Imperial College, purchase London - is described as a course which encourages (and it succeeds) students to produce original work of "world-changing impact." It is not surprising therefore, that the majority have turned their thoughts towards Climate Change and the ever looming post oil world, looking at the role design can play to encourage the world's vast population to change their lifestyle habits.

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Beach Break 2010 Review

A sunny weekend in Wales (it can happen) was the perfect setting to discover hot new bands, and check in with the always superb Vampire Weekend.

Written by Laura Nineham

details on request attraction seminar kerry hyndman Saturday night saw the end of a series of seminars organised by Details on Request, hospital a small collective of artists in East London, […]

Festival Preview: the Eden Sessions

In the most unexpected (and magical) setting lies a two week festival about to begin, to find out more, you need to step inside the greenhouse.....

Written by Cari Steel

kyla la grange Can it really be a year since the last Glastonbury? Last year, this web for the first time, Climate Camp was given it’s very own space in […]

Festival Preview: Latitude

Come one, come all, to Suffolk. Suffolk? Yes, Suffolk. There's a really bloody brilliant festival there.

Written by Ian Steadman

Alternative Fashion Week Day 5 2010 Viveka Goyanes All photography by Amelia Gregory. Kim Seoghee may not be Flemish (I’m gonna bet he isn’t) but his work sure as hell […]


Vampire Weekend – Contra – Album Review

Sink Your Teeth Into, The New Album From Vampire Weekend

Written by Andy Devine

All images courtesy of Vampire Weekend. Vampire Weekend released their debut album almost exactly two years ago today and those two short years have been very good for the band. […]

Teeth You Canâ

Gold Teeth

Written by GA

LuckyPDF is a new artist-led project based in Camberwell and Peckham, this web search South East London. LuckyPDF aims to promote and support new artists and creative talent within the […]