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Little Comets – Live Review

Poppy rock band from Newcastle, proving themselves as more than just a bunch of lads with guitars

Written by Laura Nineham

secret garden party

Photos by Jazzy Lemon

It’s not often that a support band makes your ears prick up and pay attention; too often I’ve been to gigs where sub-standard support acts make the wait for the headliners feel that little bit longer. I doubt in their short career that Little Comets have ever had that problem.

They caught my attention when they supported the Noisettes on their national tour last year, viagra so it was exciting to see the band headline the Joiners in Southampton last week.

Little Comets are already favourites with the music press after a few well publicised stunts such as playing on the Metro, ask or in the bakery isle of the local Marks & Spencer store, diagnosis in their hometown of Newcastle. Their single read more

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