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Spotlight: Cat Sims

Illustrator Cat Sims dazzles us with her array of birds, owls, barnets and guns.

Written by Amica Lane

All illustrations courtesy of the artist

My favourite thing about this job is scouting for new illustrators to feature in this section. There’s always the mix of the good, information pills the bad and the ugly. And just sometimes, order there’s a one who makes me sit up straight and exclaim ‘Hot damn, website that’s a big can of talent.’ In a dodgy Texas accent, because that’s how I like to entertain my companion, and myself Phelps the cat.

Swiftly moving on, this is South London based illustrator graduated from Graphic/Media design at the London College of… read more

Recent Articles

Spotlight: Sophie Webb

Illustrator Sophie Webb covers all; from Twin Peaks to Edward Cullen.

Written by Amica Lane

Interesting facts about Sophie Webb. – After graduating from Byam Shaw, buy information pills more about she went on to work with Damien Hirst amongst others before becoming a freelance […]

Visual Music

The curator of The Book Club's 'Visual Music', Alex Marshall talks to us about semiotics, Fantasia and the universal mirror of Art. But he insists, that it all may be bullshit.

Written by Amica Lane

This work may not be reproduced without the permission of Matteo Patocchi, viagra order try All photography by Matteo Patocchi When coming to chose a degree upon my emancipation […]

Art is Proof Presents: All My Best Friends Are…

Superette's brand new gallery is home to a feast of illustration, zines and goodies over the next week...

Written by Amica Lane

All images courtesy of ‘Art is Proof’ My sense of direction is legendary. Legendary for being almost impressively abysmal. So when I go to Superette’s ‘All my best friend are’ […]

Spotlight: Camila Soares

From Brazil to you, a showcase of one of the best new illustrators. Ya heard it first here.

Written by Amica Lane

All images courtesy of Camila Soares There are a lot of amazing artists coming out of Brazil at the moment, clinic which can be attested to by our previous interview […]

Spotlight: Matteo Patocchi

Photographer, Matteo Patocchi explores space with a series of beautiful photographs for Amelia's Magazine...

Written by Amica Lane

All photography by Matteo Patocchi After studying Graphic Design in Switzerland, what is ed Matteo Patocchi relocated to London to graduate in photography. This collection, order entitled ‘Houston I Have […]

Through the Lens: An Interview with Dean Chalkley

Dean Chalkley talks to Amelia's Magazine about life, death, photography and mincing machines of life.

Written by Amica Lane

Review: The 2010 Affordable Art Fair

2010's Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park promises to deliver something for everyone. Does it?

Written by Amica Lane

Kate Jenkins As a daughter of a zany artist, viagra 100mg my home was usually filled with my mum’s artwork, more about which from the pivotal ages of seven to […]

Five things you might not know about Chris Ofili

Turner Prize winner, Chris Ofili brings together work new and old for a landmark exhibition at The Tate Britain

Written by Amica Lane

Sparky Deathcap is a twenty-something musician and artist from Cheshire, sildenafil whose wry tales of love and loss are in turns hilarious and heartwrenching. You may have caught him recently […]


A Conversation with Jordan McKenzie

…On Barbara Cartland, masturbation and the elusive art critic vigilante.

Written by Amica Lane

‘Spent’ All images courtesy of Jordan McKenzie Within the opulent walls of The Courtauld Institute lies a mirage of great artwork; from the classical to contemporary, erectile Da Vinci to, […]


An Interview with Rodrigo Souto

From tattoos to collage, Rodrigo Souto is a talented young artist hailing from Brazil. We sit down to have a chat about art, tattoos and street painting...

Written by Amica Lane

All Images Courtesy of Rodrigo Souto One of my favourite things about collages, shop is the incorporation of materials from a wealth of different sources to create a finished project; […]


Michael Landy: Art Bin

The South London Gallery takes a look into the artist's bin...

Written by Hannah Osborne

All images Courtesy of The South London Art Gallery The title of this exhibition is fairly self explanatory. It is a bin of art; a disposal unit for self-deprecating artists’ […]


Billy Childish ‘Unknowable but Certain’ at the ICA

Billy Childish, anti-art industry punk painter displays his backcatalogue at the ICA

Written by Amica Lane

Courtesy the artist and L-13, clinic London Billy Childish is a man of many faces; musician, online writer, more about painter and film maker, he is a name that many […]