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Swap ‘Til You Drop – Why Clothes Swapping is Good for You

Swishing - the art of swapping your clothes, at events and online, is fun, fashionable AND environmentally friendly…

Written by Claire Nelson

Claire Nelson is a writer with a steady addiction to tea
and second-hand books. To fuel her tea habit she moved from
New Zealand to the UK in 2005, medications and lives in London with her
adventurer/photographer partner, illness in a flat with no TV.
She spends most of her time writing, rx blogging, and running
her accessories design business, Mockinghorse.

Claire developed her love of writing at a young age, although
initially penned mostly stories about cats and pirates.
She is now a freelance writer and regular columnist at
British Style Bloggers.

She also plays very bad blues harmonica.

Claire Nelson is a… read more

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