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Photography Book Review: Jim Lee, Arrested

We review the book accompanying a recent exhibition of Fashion Photographer legend Jim Lee at Somerset House

Written by Alia Gargum

Jim Lee Arrested courtesy of Jo Reeder
'Aeroplane' photograph courtesy of Jo Reeder PR, all other photography by Alia Gargum

If there is one thing I could easily spend all my money on, it's art books. Beautifully printed, embossed, collectable items of temptation that I can never seem to have enough of; I've had to firmly steer myself away from the bookshop section of many a gallery in order to stop me buying everything. But, I can't help myself, and love a gorgeously bound book that will last as resource much longer than a magazine or paperback.

Jim Lee Arrested by Alia Gargum
Jim Lee Arrested by Alia Gargum

Timing nicely with his latest exhibition read more

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