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An Interview with Ethical Fashion Designers Makepiece

Camilla Sampson talks to Beate Kubitz, founder of ethical fashion knitwear label Makepiece, about knitting, romance and Shetland sheep...

Written by Camilla Sampson

Illustration by June Chanpoomidole

While Spring turns to Summer, viagra dosage London Fashion Week AW10 may fade in our memories, viagra dosage but the designers that drew us in certainly won’t. One such designer that caught my eye at the Esthetica exhibition was ‘Makepiece’. The concept and techniques used were so intriguing that we couldn’t resist interviewing the owner, try Beate Kubitz.

 Why did you choose to focus on eco-fashion? Why is it so important to you? 
Clothes are important to me.  I think what you're wearing tells other people a lot about you, who you are and how you feel about yourself.  I don't like the idea that something that makes me look great was complicit in damaging the environment or the people who made it.  You don't want your favourite t-shirt to be… read more

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London Fashion Week Menswear A/W 2010: Morgan Allen Oliver

Minimal Graphic prints ago. Photography by Matt Bramford and Illustrations by Katie Harnett.

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft

Illustration by Katie Harnett The ever excellent Fashion East menswear installations were to be found in the East Wing of Somerset house on the last day of London Fashion Week. […]