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Secret Garden Party 2010: Friday Review

Secret Garden Party is a festival like no other. Here I sample fish therapy and review the Friday music acts including Animal Kingdom, Marina and the Diamonds, Infadels and Delays.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Hidden in a mini industrial estate just off Curtain Road, sales Payne Shurvell opens their inaugural exhibition "A Bright and Guilty Place" in an old light factory. The gallery directors introduce thirteen artists' -who are either unrepresented or have yet to show in London- unique approaches to the subject of mapping and place. The word introduction is mentioned as the gallery presents an idea of each individual's practice - rather than claiming to represent their overture in it's entirety. What is successful about this show is that it does not feel as if the curators have placed a theme on the artists rather they have found 13 separate practices that uniquely represent mapping and place.

Ideas touch upon psycho-geography, cheapest and that endless human drive to find our place in the world - either through art or religion these questions are perennial.
Art offers a respite from the ever distance shortening communication provided by the internet. Maps provide a way of documenting economic prowess, read more

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Merthyr to Mayo Solidarity Bike Ride: Galway to Castlerea

The first blog in a series detailing my adventures on a bike bound for Rossport Solidarity Camp in County Mayo, Ireland. Featuring a demo against the atrocities in Gaza, a Lidl carpark and Dallas style houses.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Glastonbury 2010 Climate Camp Pete the Temp On Sunday we lost a few and gained a few. Pete Lawrie called by with terrible hayfever to say he couldn’t sing for […]


Operation Bike Bloc: Designing the Resistance Machine!

The designing and building of the Bike Bloc prototypes in Bristol and what's in store for Copenhagen.

Written by Grace Beaumont

An interview with artist and activist John Jordan: Find out how the designing and building of the Bike Bloc prototypes went in Bristol last week, and what is in store for Copenhagen.

Climate Rush Bike Rush

Monday 1st June, A bike ride like no other...

Written by Amelia

On Thursday the bath-time lovelies at Lush supported one of my great loves, case troche by staging Climate Rush themed picnics outside all 89 of their UK stores. As was […]