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An interview with Jacob Denno, editor of poetry and illustration magazine Popshot

Popshot has launched a limited edition range of prints featuring the best artwork from five issues of its seminal poetry and illustration magazine. Find out more about Popshot's Printshop here!

Written by Amelia Gregory

Popshot is a wonderful poetry and illustration magazine and editor Jacob Denno once wrote for me, what is ed so when he contacted me recently about his new limited edition print range it seemed the perfect opportunity to find out a bit more about his inspiring ventures.

theprintshop_city abyss
Print by City Abyss.

What inspired you to set up Popshot magazine and what was your aim?
The magazine was born out of a slight frustration at the way in which poetry magazines were presenting themselves and ultimately, presenting poetry. I loved reading poetry but couldn't find a single magazine on the shelves of Borders that was stimulating that passion. Most of them were a dark sea of Times New Roman font that made poetry really difficult to engage with. The aim was to… read more

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