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Hobbs AW10 Fashion Collection Press Day Preview

Hobbs are just another high street brand, right? Think again - meet Dean Thomas - who sources all materials and manufacture for the Artisan collection within the UK.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Hobbs-Press Day AW2010

Now, page I don't normally write blogs about high street clothes shops. But I'm gonna break my rule this time. Earlier this week I went along to the Hobbs press day in their flagship store in Covent Garden - basically just because I was invited and I've never been to one of their press days before. I had absolutely no expectations of it, drug since I've rarely set foot inside a Hobbs store since I developed a bit of a Bertie shoe fetish in my teen years (the late 80s if you must know). Bertie was once associated with the Hobbs brand, but I'm not sure if it is anymore.

Hobbs-Press Day AW2010

I managed to sashay confidently past the girl on the door girl, "where did you say you were from?" said she, eyeing up… read more

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