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London Fashion Week A/W 2011 Catwalk Review: Ashley Isham

Celeb favourite Ashley Isham showed at the new On|Off venue to throngs of famous people, like, erm, Brendan Cole from Strictly Come Dancing. Nice frocks though. Illustrations by Jo Cheung, Sanna Dyker and Madi Illustrates!

Written by Naomi Law

Olivia Rubin A/W 2011. Photography by Amelia Gregory
Olivia Rubin A/W 2011 by Jane Young
Olivia Rubin A/W 2011 by Jane Young.

Every now and again London Fashion Week throws out a curveball and you end up in the most random of places with the most ridiculous collection of people, buy wondering what the hell is going on. The Olivia Rubin show was just such an occasion.

I was very early to this show - a confluence of circumstances that left me standing at the front of a line outside the Jalouse nightclub in central London until I was completely numb with cold. From my prime vantage point I was able to ogle as the paps pounced on a series of D-Z list celebrities. I recognised Konnie Huq and footballer's wife Danielle Lloyd but after that it was anyone's guess. In my mind it's never a good idea for the guests to overshadow a fashion show, this and especially not if I haven't got a clue who they are.

Once the celebs had been swept into the hallowed basement of Jalouse I too was… read more

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