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Willow Organics: Luxurious Organic Skincare

Founder Sue Stowell talks about her range of gorgeous organic products: enjoy a little bit of luxury that takes care of the planet.

Written by Sarah Critchley

lindsey_akamuti_darren fletcher
Why did you decide to set up business?
Akamuti grew out of my passion for plants! I've always been interested in their role in tree medicine, price herbalism and aromatherapy so it feels very natural to work with all these wonderful ingredients. Akamuti began in 2003 when I was only 20 years old and keen to start my own business. I think that being home schooled from the age of 10 instilled in me a very independent outlook on life and this streak has grown with me! The business started off in a really small way, cialis 40mg mixing up tiny amounts of creams & balms from raw ingredients - always using only the best natural ingredients that we could source. Then I would set off to the local health shops with my little box and try to sell them. It was really exciting to get a positive response and this spurred me on to set up a website so that people could order online. From these humble beginnings the business slowly but surely began to grow. Nowadays the whole family are involved in the business, with five of us working together. Our combined enthusiasm for a holistic way of living, eating and healing keeps our creativity focused, ensuring that our products reflect our ethics.

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