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Album Review – Chad Valley: Equatorial Ultravox

The beautiful new Chillwave of Equatorial Ultravox by Chad Valley is out now on Loose Lips records. Chad Valley is Oxford based Hugo Manuel and he'll be playing at this year's Truck Festival.

Written by Amelia Gregory

chad_valley_Equatorial Ultravox

From the teasing synths of opener Now That I'm Real (How Does It Feel?) to the closing wails of Shapeless it is clear that this new super long length EP from Chad Valley is steeped in a deep love for the period when I came of age, check the late 80s and early 90s. His beauteous take on the Chillwave phenomenon pays more than adequate homage to the blissed out Cafe Del Mar style Balearic Beats that I listened to during so many beachtastic student nights on the South Coast. To be clear, order this is no bad thing. Oh the joys of studying in Brighton...

Chad Valley by Lea Rimoux
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