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Tips and reasons to use Real Nappies and review of BumGenius and TotsBots Cloth Diapers

Thinking of using Real Nappies? Aka Cloth Diapers? But not sure where to start? Let me demystify the process for you by sharing what I have learned. Be warned: this blog contains references to POOP.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Snarfle nappy stash bumgenius totsbots
We are in the middle of Real Nappy Week so now is a fortuitiously good time to talk about my decision to use non-disposable nappies, or Real Nappies (aka Cloth Diapers) for my baby, known to everyone as Snarfle.

Snarfle in tots bots nappy
For me this was a no-brainer: how can I be an eco-activist and do otherwise? But the idea was daunting before Snarfle arrived. I had no idea how you put a disposable nappy on a baby, never mind a cloth nappy. Then one of my NCT friends told me about a local… read more

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