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Contemporary Patchwork and Quilting at Papered Parlour with Cassandra Ellis

On Saturday 9th April I spent the day working on my very first quilt at the Papered Parlour in Clapham. It was a wonderful chance to upcycle some fabrics that I've been carefully hoarding for over 20 years...

Written by Amelia Gregory

Papered Parlour-Quilting class
Papered Parlour fabric blooms at the Quilting class. All photography by Amelia Gregory.

Since I went to the fantastic V&A quilting exhibition last year I have become somewhat fixated on learning to quilt myself - god knows when I will find the time to actually create said quilts, buy but I'm a major hoarder so I have bags and bags of scrap fabrics lurking in my cupboards just yearning to be given a creative use… the result of encouragement from my mother to make my own clothes during my teenage years. She too has bags and bags of fabric stashed in her loft. Thus it was with some excitement that I enrolled on one of the Papered Parlour quilting workshops, which have been selling out super fast in these thrifty times.

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Silversmith me: Jewellery upcycling workshop at the Papered Parlour

Grandma’s brooch with the broken pin is no longer confined to the jewellery box, but swinging on a chain in its new life as a necklace. The Papered Parlour’s silversmithing class is full of little histories given a new lease of life. With illustrations by Naomi Law, Madi and Avril Kelly.

Written by Jessica Furseth

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