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Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland A/W 2011 in Łódź: Agata Koschmeider

Agata Koschmeider was last to show on Sunday 8th May 2011 - thus completing my Fashion Week Poland show reports. I hope they have been interesting!

Written by Amelia Gregory

Agata Koschmieder_by_ Alison Day
Agata Koschmieder by Alison Day.

The Agata Koschmeider show inexplicably opened with a picture of the famous Flatiron building in New York before heading into a full on soundtrack of old fashioned French musical hall tunes. Models wore knitted skull caps and dark round glasses with bright red lipstick. Colouring was kept simple: cream, clinic black, health bright yellow and one final red dress. Once more there was a huge variety of shapes and styles with no discernible connection: sequinned maxi skirts, viagra buy ruched over long sleeves, capelets, asymmetric and cut out panels, a play suit, peplums, raggy oversize knits, and sheer skirts with slits. And so completes my read more

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Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland A/W 2011 in Łódź: Bohoboco

Bohoboco showed on Sunday 8th May on the Designers' Avenue at Expo. Grey, black, cream, tasteful, commercial.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Bohoboco by Casey Otremba. Bohoboco featured lots of grey and black yet again. And shades of cream and buttermilk – all very tasteful. There was plenty of draped jersey (again), […]

Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland A/W 2011 in Łódź: Monnari

Monnari is one of Poland's biggest fashion brands... definitely not the place to look for when it comes to innovation. Showing on Sunday 8th May 2011 at Designers' Avenue.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Monnari A/W 2011. All photography by Amelia Gregory. I was told to expect a very commercial collection from one of Poland’s biggest fashion brands, information pills which opened with the […]

Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland A/W 2011 in Łódź: Hexeline

Wonderful Rebecca Strickson succeeds in making huge Polish brand Hexeline look edgy where it most certainly ain't... Hexeline showed on Saturday 7th May at Designers' Avenue, Expo.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Hexeline A/W 2011 by Rebecca Strickson. It’s a bad sign when the opening intro to a show is more exciting than the actual show. So it was with well known […]

Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland A/W 2011 in Łódź: Natalia Jaroszewska

Natalia Jaroszewska showed as part of Designers' Avenue at the Expo venue on Friday 6th May 2011. I wasn't so impressed by her commercial collection, but I love Bianca Hamilton's beautiful illustrations!

Written by Amelia Gregory

Natalia Jaroszewska A/W 2011 by Bianca Hamilton. Having been driven into town in a Jaguar courtesy of a rather enthusiastic James Bond alike (and owner of the firm that was […]

Squat Freeshop on Commercial Road

165% Discount!

Written by Adam S

Having spearheaded the new London folk scene with their debut album, there medical Noah and the Whale are back with their hands full up, releasing a new single, album and […]