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Climate Camp Regional Gatherings

Written by Zofia Walczak

When Owen Pallett, pharmacy the man behind the erstwhile Final Fantasy moniker, announced in December 2009 that he was abandoning the name in favour of recording under his birth name, it came not without a sigh of relief – for years the slightly-embarrassing recording name had led to a kind of stigmatization within Pallett’s fans – including numerous inside jokes envisioning bleary-eyed, pock-marked RPG nerds, stumbling from their houses, giddy with the promise of an evening devoted to their favourite video game – only to be faced with a devastatingly hip young man playing sumptuous, violin-looped indie pop -impish, Pallet may be, but he ain’t no fairy – although, considering Pallett’s own, infamous devotion to the video game, he may have been more than happy to accommodate said nerds at his concerts.
As endearing as such stories may be, they still led to Pallett becoming slightly belittled in the indie community – rather than garnering the fervent praise and respect he deserved, he was slotted lazily into the male folk singer-songwriter category, along with Sufjan Stevens and Andrew Bird – Pallett’s sprawling, endlessly cinematic compositions bears far more similarity to… read more

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People Speak – Who Wants to Be?

As the world meets in Copenhagen to discuss Climate Change, an art collective is inviting you to decide your own fate

Written by Valerie Pezeron

All Photos © The People Speak The People Speak is an arts and technology collective with a very good idea; it is inviting the world to decide its own fate […]


COP15 rapped up

An interview with the pair behind the Lord Monckton and Al Gore rap battle video

Written by Grace Beaumont

All imagery throughout courtesy of The Stellar Boutique Stella McCartney and Kate Moss know a thing or two about good style. Both are fans of Stella McClure, shop owner of […]


COP out CAMP out

Written by Grace Beaumont

Because it’s business as usual in Copenhagen!


Warm-up for Copenhagen!

Join the action with a day of workshops, debate and more at the Great Global Warm-Up event this Saturday

Written by Grace Beaumont

Join the action with a day of workshops, debate and more at the Great Global Warm-Up event this Saturday


Direct action! (And why we should do it)

Written by Marta Puigdemasa

You’re about to read a straightforward initiation plan that might not just change your life, but also (with a little help of your friends, and maybe the friends of your friends) our world.


Earth Listings: 23rd – 29th November 2009

Written by Grace Beaumont

Monday 23rd November, viagra 60mg Lisa Hannigan, Royal Festival Hall Debut album “Sea Sew” came out this summer from Miss Hannigan and she is now touring to support this. The […]


Looking a little closer at The Bigger Picture: Festival of Interdependence

Climate ration packs to bread-making: The top 5 on the day

Written by Adam S

A few weeks ago a rather lovely fashion shoot dropped into Amelia’s Magazine inbox. A collaboration from the photographer Paul Cassidy and producerCristina Duran styled by and starring Silvia. The […]