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A tribute to the talented illustrator and designer Jayne Helliwell.

Jayne Helliwell was an incredibly talented illustrator and designer who worked on issue 08 of Amelia's Magazine. She sadly suffered a fatal collision with a bus whilst riding her bike down Oxford Street on the 14th April 2010.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Jayne Helliwell, <a href=page Amelia's Magazine 2007" title="Jayne Helliwell, help Amelia's Magazine 2007" width="480" height="360" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-16288" />
Jayne in my kitchen eating iced fairy cakes with fellow interns Jessica and Christel.

Last night I heard the horrific news that my ex intern, pill the illustrator and designer Jayne Helliwell, was crushed to death by a bus whilst cycling down Oxford Street. She was just short of 26 years old. I was asked to comment by the Evening Standard for an article that has just gone live this morning.

Jayne was an incredibly talented and extremely likeable girl who worked on read more

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