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Ken dumps Barbie: Greenpeace’s Indonesia Deforestation Campaign

A new Greenpeace campaign highlights the dirty practices of toy companies such as Mattel, who are making boxes to house plastic toys out of pulp that is destroying the Indonesian Rainforest.

Written by Zofia Walczak

Barbie and Ken by Claire Byrne
Barbie and Ken by Claire Byrne

Ken dumped Barbie. Over trees and endangered tigers. Seriously. You probably already know this, web since the Greenpeace campaign that first revealed this earth-shattering piece of news has been all over the Internet in the last two weeks.

Barbie Crying by Claire Kearns
Barbie Crying by Claire Kearns.

But it’s time to wipe those tears off your keyboard. Not only has this traumatic event turned Ken into quite the eco-warrior and provided some great moments of Twitter comedy, seek but Amelia’s Magazine illustrators have responded,… read more

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Hard Rain exhibition highlights need for global action on environment

A novel collection of photographs underlines the absolute necessity to deal with worldwide problems from deforestation to pollution in a joined up, concerted effort...

Written by Adam Bollard

Gasmask wedding: Using nuptials to protest against pollution in Russia Given the fact I think Bob Dylan‘s something of a genius, information pills it would probably come as no surprise […]


Haiti: Time to Cancel all Debt and Pay Back What We Owe

Haiti is slowly disappearing from the headlines, but now is the time to start remembering Haitians' history, what we owe them, and cancel all debt, argues Zofia Walczak.

Written by Zofia Walczak

All Photographs courtesy of New Museum, viagra buy except where otherwise stated It is now time for the absurd to take center stage. Swiss-born “imperfectionist” Urs Ficher makes the gallery […]


Agrofuels Don’t Roc(K) – Rally against Biofuels

Out on the streets just make sure we don't block the pavement...

Written by Adam S

On Monday evening as the sun set and the lights from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) blared onto the street, ask over a hundred protesters gathered to […]

Love Life Hate Palm Oil

Climate Rush Gala Dinner, Wednesday 1st July, 7pm, Millenium Hotel, Mayfair

Written by Tom Russell

In the festival preview vein, no rx malady here’s one that promises stimulating discussion, patient music, viagra order dance, crafts and walks with fellow readers and contributors to the spiritual […]