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Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland Off Out Of Schedule A/W 2011 in Łódź: Maldoror

Maldoror by Grzegorz Matląg featured lots of recycled materials in a collection that was shown at Off Out Of Schedule on Sunday 8th May 2011. Loved the red. More of that please!

Written by Amelia Gregory

Maldoror Off Out ?ód? Fashion Week AW 2011 by Fawn Carr
Maldoror A/W 2011 by Fawn Carr.

The hissing sighs of Diamandas Galas provided the musical backdrop to this edgy show from Maldoror by Grzegorz Matl?g, pills which featured street cast models who I had seen around already in the audience at Fashion Week Poland - a refreshing change from the same old faces on every catwalk. Black outfits opened the show, high necked and lacy for both men and women, culminating in a butt revealing suit made entirely of net. Grzegorz Matl?g works with recycled materials, his aim being to challenge the wearer "to create their own look without the cultural restraints and defects of consumerism." High ideals indeed, and ones which I of course heartily applaud.

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