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Animal Vegetable Mineral: an interview with food events entrepreneur Tasha Marks

An interview with food entrepreneur Tasha Marks, founder of boutique food company Animal Vegetable Mineral. She creates intriguing edible interventions for festivals, parties and pop-up experiences.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Animal Vegetable Mineral Edible Art Class - Photo Paul Singer
Animal Vegetable Mineral's Edible Art Class. All photography unless otherwise stated by Paul Singer.

Animal Vegetable Mineral, also known as AVM Curiosities, was set up by young entrepreneur Tasha Marks, who left university with an insatiable appetite for combining food and art. Having interned at Bompas & Parr she was ideally placed to set up her own company, which now creates bespoke food based events such as the Edible Art Class taking place at The Book Club on Tuesday 9th April (full listing information here) I was fascinated to hear about the unique career that she has forged for… read more

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