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Climate Camp 2010: Twitter Backfires… or does it?

This year the Camp for Climate Action received a grilling from the Guardian Environment Blog on the basis of a few trolls who found our hashtag feed. This is my version of what happened.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Climate Camp 2010-serving dinner
Climate Camp 2010-nature doesnt
All photography by Amelia Gregory unless otherwise stated.

Over the past few years I have become increasingly embedded in the process of Climate Camp, web so I am well aware that the run up to this year's Climate Camp has been more fraught with difficulties than ever - but as a spectacularly open grassroots non-heirarchical direct action organisation we would be the first to acknowledge this fact. We argued long and hard about whether RBS was an appropriate target for this year's activities, case and we picked our spot without really checking in with Scottish activists who were not present at the meeting, website like this thereby alienating some of our allies... so it's a testament to the movement we've created that I left the Edinburgh camp feeling that read more

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