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Building Belize’s first solar powered aquaponics system

Future Fish’n’Chips...… and why It's mouth-watering

Written by Michael Buick

Aquaponics. ‘Aqua what?’ would be a reasonable response but you may well be hearing this word a lot more. One short answer is ‘promise’: the promise of cultivating delicious, clinic this organic fish and vegetables with minimal space and effort; the promise of helping humanity take the next great step in agriculture (forwards this time) in which we use our technology to make the most of nature’s intelligence rather than to ride roughshod over it; the promise of future fish’n’chips.


That’s a lot to live up to, yet we need some big answers to the big questions we face: how do we feed ourselves as we approach 7 billion and likely scarcity of oil and gas? How do we save our precious topsoil and leave some fish in the sea? Where will the water come from?
Could aquaponics grow into one of these big answers?
Fish have been cultivated in captivity for millennia but this ‘aquaculture’ has often struggled with the sludgey problem of poop: fish defecate in their… read more

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