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Interview with Sarah Michelle: Curator of the Arae Exhibition

Hosted at 10 Gales Gallery, Arae is steadily becoming recognized as a hotbed of fresh creative talent. Calum Ross interviews curator, Sarah Michelle.

Written by Calum Ross

What's the concept behind Arae? The inspiration behind arae is hard to explain. For this exhibition it was the seventies, sick Amira Fritz, online the Australian label ‘Romance Was Born’. In general it was trying to create exhibitions based on working together as opposed to using money to show work.

How does this year's Arae exhibition compare to last years? Last year was fashion only- it featured three of the same designers as this year and the wonderful Florencia Kozuch. It was very dark- we blocked out the windows and chose a dark space. Each time it's meant to be quite sensory so there was an eerie soundtrack but this time there is no soundtrack.

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