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Festival Preview: Dot-to-Dot

Regional cities showcase new bands, in annual festival across many venues

Written by Ian Steadman

Illustration by Naomi Law

For the last day of  the Sketchbook Pop-Up Shop, case Susie Bubble of Style Bubble fame gave a lecture on Newburgh St, bookending an event that celebrated the creative arts in a social and relaxed atmosphere complete with illustrations all over the walls. As one of the more prolific bloggers out there, Susie Bubble is someone I have ‘followed’ for a long time owing to her quality of photos and copy as well as her evidently well-researched posts. The Style Bubble blog started in 2006 as an outlet for Susie’s opinions, naturally developing a huge following with mentions in i-D magazine, The Financial Times and numerous awards within the blogging world in a relatively short space of time (that’s the online world for you!).
Susie has already written an excellent post on the ‘pop up social space’, and as the last speaker at the event ties things up quite nicely – she even featured on the cover of their very first issue. Teaching herself web coding at the age of 13, Susie was always… read more

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Festival Preview: Latitude

Come one, come all, to Suffolk. Suffolk? Yes, Suffolk. There's a really bloody brilliant festival there.

Written by Ian Steadman

Alternative Fashion Week Day 5 2010 Viveka Goyanes All photography by Amelia Gregory. Kim Seoghee may not be Flemish (I’m gonna bet he isn’t) but his work sure as hell […]

real-estate sky castle thumb

Real Estate – Interview

Real Estate talk Jersey, The Boss, Paul McCartney and the joys of recording in analogue as opposed to digital.

Written by Georgie Van Kuyk

I went down to The Lexington a couple of weeks ago to interview Real Estate before they played a sold out gig in a city they had never played before. […]

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Girls – A Live Review – The Prince Albert, Brighton

With their surf pop infused blissful shoegaze, these boys don't disappoint

Written by Liv Willars

Amelia’s Magazine spoke to CSM fine art graduate turned fashion designer Yang Du about the research required and subsequent process behind producing a runway collection. Unsurprisingly for one who has […]


Lemonade – An Interview

A thirst quenching reason to party

Written by Katie Weatherall

On Monday evening as the sun set and the lights from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) blared onto the street, sildenafil over a hundred protesters gathered to […]


Girls – Album – A review

Welcome to the hopeless nu-romantics!

Written by Katie Weatherall

In this oversaturated music world, visit you just have to turn your back for one minute and the band that has caught your aural interest lately have multiplied into twenty-seven […]