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An interview with Simone Lia about her autobiographical graphic novel Please God, Find Me A Husband!

Illustrator and graphic novelist Simone Lia explains the process and thoughts behind her candid personal revelations in Please God, Find Me A Husband!

Written by Amelia Gregory

Please God, Find Me a Husband! Simone Lia cover

Illustrator and comic artist Simone Lia recently published her autobiographical graphic novel Please God, Find Me a Husband! - a candid look at life as a 30 something single woman with an unshakeable belief in God. The book is beautifully illustrated in the style that Simone's numerous fans will be familiar with: crisp black lines filled with minimal flat colour define her characters and landscapes, accompanied by instantly recognisable handwritten type.

Please God, Find Me a Husband! is by turns touching, funny, exasperating and uplifting. I must confess that as someone who knows the author very well and remembers some of the situations that inspired the storyline it's hard to take an objective view of the novel, but I am sure it will appeal to a wide audience. Graphic novel lovers will appreciate Simone's beautiful illustrations and clever use of design to move the story forward, whilst many people who do not traditionally gravitate… read more

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