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A Trip to Venice with Swatch

Last week I was invited to Venice courtesy of Swatch. It was a chance to visit the Venice Biennale for the first time and find out more about Swatch's most recent collaboration with French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel. All of this in spectacular style!

Written by Amelia Gregory

Venice by Sally Jane Thompson
Venice by Sally Jane Thompson.

It's quite something to be utterly spoilt on a press trip. It doesn't happen to me often and in fact it's only in the last year that people have started to invite me places… a mere eight years since I started Amelia's Magazine: these perks of the job have not exactly fallen in my lap. But it says something about the rise of blogging (which my website is undeniably in the form of, recipe even if I still like to think of it as a magazine) that bloggers of all persuasions are now being offered similar opportunities to mainstream journalists.

Venice by Madalina Andronic
Venice by Madalina Andronic.

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An interview with musician and artist Elizabeth Walling, aka Gazelle Twin

Gazelle Twin is a Brighton based musician who is making waves with her avante garde approach to music. The new album The Entire City is out soon and there's a very special chance to catch her playing the Soundwaves Festival on Sat 16th July.

Written by Amelia Gregory

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