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An Interview with Illustrator Jordan Andrew Carter

We chat to Jordan Andrew Carter about Poscas, pencils, pugs and PETA

Written by Jessica Cook

Jordan Carter

A self-proclaimed ‘illustrational hustler/graphical wizard’, Jordan Andrew Carter uses detailed pencil drawings and contrasting block shapes to ‘mystify and amaze your human see-globes'. This rising star graduated from Norwich University of the Arts last year and has just started to pencil a name for himself in the biz. While illustration is one of his big life aims, he also mentions his other aspirations: ‘my current life goal is to own a pug and live near the sea. I also have a HUGE weakness for biscuits, and believe if you replaced money with biscuits the world would be a happier place.’ Dividing his time between 'Northamptonshire' and Essex, pencils and Poscas are his ‘weapons of choice’.

Jordan Carter

Jordan paints what can only be described as 'fairytales high on… read more

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