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EDE Knitwear: An interview with Ellie Jauncey

EDE knitwear is lovingly designed by Ellie Jauncey and handmade by a team of Herefordshire based knitters.

Written by Amelia Gregory

EDE men's moss jumper by Claire Corstorphine
EDE men's moss jumper by Claire Corstorphine.

EDE was founded in 2009 by Ellie Jauncey. Having studied Textiles at Manchester Metropolitan University and specialising in Knitwear she moved to London and spent a good few years working in soul-less fashion roles. Two redundancies in a year later and the penny finally dropped, why work for other people when you can work for yourself? Paying homage to her mother's maiden name she started EDE, which is a knitwear label specialising in simple, modern clothing, inspired by traditional shapes and designs – and all made in England. She quickly formed a team of knitters, all living in and around Herefordshire (where she grew up) and using their incredible skills, produced the first collection.

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