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Ashish: London Fashion Week A/W 2012 Catwalk Review

Ashish Gupta showed his latest colourful sequin covered collection Bollywouldn't at the BFC Showspace on Tuesday 21st February 2012. Wonderful, as ever.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Ashish A/W 2012 by Catherine Meadows
Ashish A/W 2012 by Catherine Meadows.

This season Ashish turned to his roots for Bollywouldn't, a collection which married the iconography of hippy India with late 80s rave culture, both style eras that have been repeatedly plundered by successive generations - one need only think of New Rave, that short lived phenomenon of just a few years ago. However, in the inimitable hands of Ashish, these styles have been reinvented once more, in a dusty meets fluoro palette of clashing logos and decorative decals.

Ashish AW 2012 - photo by Amelia Gregory
Ashish AW 2012 - photo by Amelia Gregoryread more

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