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The Craftivist Collective

Hannah Bullivant explores the merging of Crafts and Activism.

Written by Hannah Bullivant

Illustration By Ali Haines

As far as combinations go, pilule craft and activism is a particularly thrilling one for me; akin to jeggings (jeans and leggings) coatigans (coat and cardigan) and discovering that Nutella goes really well with dark Ryvita’s (try it). So it was with excitement that I stumbled across the Craftivist Collective. They are a group combining craft and activism and particularly seek to engage people who haven’t previously had much involvement or interest in politics and activism. I was intrigued and decided to attend a meeting. I set out with trepidation as previous experience dictates that political activism meetings can sometimes be awkward, malady occasionally frightening, probably attended by bonkers people or all of the above.

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