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Postcard Auction: Feminism in London

Artist Sarah Maple organised a Postcard Auction in support of the Feminism in London conference, October 2010. The event was performed by Jessica Hynes and Miriam Elia

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft

Illustration by Stephanie Thieullent

On Monday 4th October, buy The Aubin Gallery staged a fundraiser organised by artist Sarah Maple in support of the upcoming Feminism in London conference. The exhibition of postcards to be auctioned, cheap represented artists, writers, comediennes, designers and pop stars individual interpretation of contemporary Feminism.

Sarah Maple's postcard went for the fantastic sum of 200 pounds.

The exhibition opened at 6.30 leaving plenty of time to examine the different ways feminism is understood in contemporary society, before the auction began… read more

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