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Mirage: Cloud Seeding with Alexa Wilding

An evocative video accompanies this beautiful song by Cloud Seeding in collaboration with Alexa Wilding, who describes candidly the inspiration behind her lyrics.

Written by Amelia Gregory

alexa wilding by Simon McLaren
Alexa Wilding by Simon McLaren.

New York based singer songwriter Alexa Wilding introduces her beautiful collaboration with Cloud Seeding, an ode to a lost pregnancy. I was extremely touched when Alexa reached out to me when the same thing happened to me. Like me she has used the experience to make art that heals, in her case music.

Mirage was a lifeline for me, as I worked on it, very slowly, while pregnant with my twins. I was unsure what being a mother would mean for my music, and it gave me a sense of artistic security to know that I would have a song to release after the boys were born.

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