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London Fashion Week S/S 2011: best of Somerset House & New Gen stands.

There is so much to see during LFW that it's very hard to take it all in, but here I've done my best to round up the designers I saw on the stands rather than in shows. Including Felicity Brown, Mary Katrantzou and Cecilia Mary Robson.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Romina Karamanea skirt by Joana Faria
Romina Karamanea by Joana Faria.

For the past two seasons the good PRs for Romina Karamanea have ensured that there has been a ridiculously long queue of baying fashionistas gathered outside the venue before they will let anyone inside. And so it was that I found myself being battered around on the steps of the Freemasons' Hall on Tuesday evening: it was late in the week and it wasn't really what I wanted to deal with. My ex flatmate, physician a stylist that I used to work for at The Face - we fell out - elbowed her way through with a bit of a hissy fit. I was seriously considering just calling it a day and going right home. But then security announced that it was "too late for stars" meaning that the complex sticker system on invites was about to be ditched, visit this site and the PRs next to me agreed that the most important people were… read more

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