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Operation Bike Bloc: Designing the Resistance Machine!

The designing and building of the Bike Bloc prototypes in Bristol and what's in store for Copenhagen.

Written by Grace Beaumont

page -2" src="" alt="Shaun-McDowell--Untitled, this web -2" />Untitled 2 by Shaun Mc Dowell

To examine artists on display in regards to their own sense of what is intangible; what is the unbeknownst? Cecily Brown (one of the five artists displaying), once elucidated of her method; ‘Often, I find it really hard to see what I’m doing when I’m in the thick of things (painting).’ This seemed a resonant befall to take into the exhibition, and one that permeated throughout; the artist’s blindness filtering down to the viewers’ perception.

steve-white-installation-shAll photographs by Stephen White, courtesy of Parasol unit

On entering the chic industrial space of the Parasol Unit, the viewer is… read more

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Signs Of Revolt – Creative Resistance & Social Movements since Seattle

5 of the disobedient and mischievous activist groups you should check out and get involved with now…

Written by Adam S

A cold November night and I journey to a very cosy Camden Barfly to view Plastiscines. This band are the latest export from the country who gave us Eric Cantona, […]