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The landscapes of Brooklyn: An interview with Lapland

The debut album from Brooklyn dweller Lapland is a haunting collection of tunes inspired by the landscapes within...

Written by Amelia Gregory

lapland by daria h
Lapland by Daria Hlazatova.

Josh Mease works out of a tiny bedroom in Brooklyn, where he created his gorgeous debut self titled album Lapland, released late last year on The Lights Label. Trawling the evocative landscapes within his mind, he has put together a haunting collection of songs that are sure to creep under your skin...

You were born in Houston but now live in Brooklyn - why and when did you make the move to NY?
Right after high school. I thought I wanted to be a jazz musician, and NY is the best place to do that. I came up and studied music at a university, and about halfway through I realized I'd rather write songs and sing.

What were your biggest influences, music wise, growing up?
When I was a kid it was the Beatles and… read more

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Emma Lundgren by Natasha Waddon

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Written by Amelia Gregory

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Written by Amelia Gregory

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