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Dreamboat Exhibition – Four Interviews with Four Illustrators

Interviews with artists featuring at the Dreamboat Vs Inkygoodness Exhibition in Bristol. Ben Steers, Dave Bain, Leila Shetty and Sarah Dennis discuss dreamboats, backgrounds and the influence of music on art

Written by Helen Martin

Illustration by Abigail Wright

I have always been fascinated with analogue photo booths. I have vivd memories as a child - the excitement and anticipation, visit this pulling ridiculous faces, never really knowing what you'll get until the old machines clunk and churn out your photographs. So, on a recent trip to Berlin, I was desperate to get back involved, like so many others, with the analogue phenomenon.

A short while after my return, I discovered that the Photoautomat project that exists in Berlin had transferred to London - one of those brightly coloured, glorious booths had been on my own doorstep and I didn't even realise. A bit of internet research, a blog and a Twitter account later, I met Alex - Photoautomat's London representative. He's on a mission to bring back the beauty and art of the… read more

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