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Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland A/W 2011 in Łódź: MMC Studio Design

MMC Studio Design featured red foreheads, duckin' and a-divin' models and real people (looking very short by comparison. God we normal people really are dwarves aren't we?) Showing on Saturday 7th May at Designers' Avenue.

Written by Amelia Gregory

MMC Studio Design by Maria del Carmen Smith.

MMC Studio Design featured yet more draped grey jersey, for sale this time accessorised with red foreheads and high ponytails. The show opened, more about for some inexplicable reason, more about with lines of *normal* people straddling the catwalk in rows, faces smeared in black.

MMC Design Studio ?ód? Fashion Week AW 2011

I liked the soundtrack, which veered from David Bowie's Suffragette City,… read more

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